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Virtual Headshot: A DIY Guide

By July 26, 2021September 17th, 2021No Comments

In a world full of YouTube tutorials, it makes sense that many folks are taking a DIY approach to many aspects of their lives. And when it comes to a virtual headshot, DIY is totally doable! Luckily, there are some amazing tools and technology out there to make taking a great headshot photo a breeze. Especially for someone who fancies themself a top-notch DIYer.  

As any dedicated DIYer knows, there is always a small investment in materials and a greater investment in time. With Heroic Headshots, your “materials” cost just $50. How much time you dedicate to this project will be completely up to you. Just follow along with these simple steps and you’ll have an amazing virtual headshot. 

Purchase Your Heroic Headshot

The first step to a killer virtual headshot? Well, that’s simple – it’s purchasing your Heroic Headshot! This tool is like an ace in the hole when it comes to a successful DIY headshot. You’ll get all the tips and tricks to take a great photo using only your cellphone, with the added bonus of professional retouching. To make your purchase, visit the Heroic Headshots website and take a look at some of their samples. Consider what background most appeals to you or stands out. Consider how you plan to use the headshot. 

When you’re feeling ready, go ahead and make that purchase. It’s super affordable and a guaranteed way to get a DIY photo you’ll be happy with. Keep in mind that just because you press “purchase” today doesn’t mean you need to take your photo immediately. Heroic Headshots will provide you with a planning guide and tutorial to help walk you through the process, so you can take your headshot photo on your schedule. 

Determine Your Audience

Perhaps the most important step of taking a DIY virtual headshot is determining who will see this photo. Is this a semi-professional image you will use as a general online avatar? Will you be using this on a dating site, or on a job-hunting site like LinkedIn? Are you using this image for your website, where current and potential clients will be seeing you? 

These questions are vital to your planning process and you should be thoughtful when you make your decisions. Your audience will determine so many of your decisions around your headshot, from your style to your pose. So take some time to jot down notes about who your target audience is, and how you hope they will respond to your virtual headshot. 

Select Your Style

Now you’ve worked out some of the details of how and where you will use your virtual headshot. That means it’s time to focus on style! However you plan to use your photo, it’s important that your style conveys who you are to this audience. If you work in a very black and white industry, like finance, you probably want to go for a more conservative style. That means neat hair and more formal/professional clothes. 

However, if you’re in a more casual or creative field, you may have more open possibilities for exhibiting your style. Color and vibrance can be a great way to make your virtual headshot stand out against the competition! Just make sure you’re staying generally within the boundaries of “the norm” for your field. It’s okay to have some fun, though. 

And importantly, you want to look like yourself. So if you tend to wear quirky glasses, be sure you’re wearing those in the headshot. If you almost always wear your hair down, don’t try for some elaborate updo. You want your photo to be reflective of who you are. After all, should a client or potential employer meet you in person, you want to make sure they would still recognize you. 

Practice Your Angles

Get in front of a mirror and vogue! Just kidding (sort of). Spend some time in front of your mirror practices facial expressions and angles. You may want to practice while wearing your hair and clothing selected for your headshot. These can change how you might pose, such as if you have very long hair, you might want to practice pushing it away from your face for your photo. You might also find that the outfit you thought was perfect is doing something weird, like bunching up around your shoulders or the color is washing you out. Practice makes perfect! 

Once you feel like you’ve graduated from mirror practice, try taking a few snaps. You can set up your phone with a timer, or as a friend to take your photo. Try setting the phone up at different heights to see what is most flattering for you. You’ll also need to find a space with great lighting, so definitely test different spaces around your home or office. 

Take Your Virtual Headshot Photo

Lights, camera, action! It’s showtime! Yes, once you’ve nailed your planning, your style, and your pose it is time to take your photo. Of course, a huge benefit of using Heroic Headshots for your virtual headshot is that you can take as many photos as you need to before you find “the one.” So have fun with it! Try different poses, have your friend read you some corny jokes to loosen up your smile, and relax. 

Ideally, you will want to take your photos at one time and find a winning image. But maybe you’ll look at your photos and decide you really don’t like the outfit you chose. Maybe you look a bit tired, and want to retake your photos on a day you’re feeling more rested. 

Unlike when you book a professional shoot with a photographer, you actually have the flexibility to do that! So if you aren’t happy with your photos after your first go-round, don’t stress. Make some notes about what you’d like to change, and try again in a day or two. 

Submit Your Virtual Headshot

Once you’ve taken some good photos, you may want to share them with friends and family to narrow them down. Did you know that we see and judge ourselves quite differently than others do? Share with your friends and family what your audience is so they can help you choose one image for your virtual headshot. 

Once you have your “pièce de résistance” image, you will be ready to submit it. Then you just sit back and wait. But not for long! Heroic Headshots has a team of world-class editors who will hand retouch your photo. They will work their magic and return your image to you within 3 business days. 

Ready for Your Virtual Headshot?

Now that we’ve walked you through how easy it is to DIY your virtual headshot, what are you waiting for? Visit Heroic Headshots today and get started on a better image of yourself.