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With the booming real estate market, taking new professional headshots probably isn’t high on the list for busy agents. However, professional real estate agent headshots are an essential part of your marketing toolkit. With a market as hot as it is, you want to take full advantage! 

Professional headshots assist in building trust with your clients and growing your client base. Building trust isn’t accomplished just by informing potential clients you’re a realtor. You need to visually show them who you are. Having a professional visual presence in your marketing materials and online is essential. The more face-time you show, the more trustworthy you become to them. Let your images help build your relationship with your clients, and let Heroic Headshots help you create those images.

What is a Professional Headshot?

A headshot is a portrait photo, typically only of your shoulders and face. Its goal is to convey a sense of professionalism and friendliness. Especially in the real estate industry, your headshot can make all the difference between landing a high-value client and not getting the sale.

Why Real Estate Agent Headshots Are Important

Real estate is all about relationship building. You establish a relationship with your client, with other Realtors, and with various industry professionals. In-person meetings help create an impression. However, in this digitized world, the catalyst to getting that initial meeting could be the photo on your website.

Studies have found that people tend to make initial impressions in just 1/10 of a second. That means potential clients will almost immediately make assumptions and conclusions based solely on your photo. For that reason alone you need to seriously consider the story your headshot tells. 

Whether you feature your headshot on your business card or on your website, your picture conveys a lot about who you are. It alludes to your professionalism, your character, and your overall demeanor. As a real estate agent, your professional headshot should signal to clients that you are professional, approachable, down-to-earth, and friendly.

Why You Need Realtor Headshots

Help people find your business

Traditionally, the real estate market was a lot of hand-shaking and in-person networking. But over the past few years, studies have shown that 99% of Millennials search on online websites for their homes. Even more surprising is that even 90% of Boomers and 70% of the Silent Generation also search for homes online. Focusing on your online presence and headshots makes it likelier these people will find your business when they need you.

Rise above the competition

Right now, there are more real estate agents in the U.S. than homes available for sale. So what sets you apart from your competitors? When potential clients search for Realtors, it’s likely that they’ll compare agents and shortlist people they see themselves working with. A great headshot can help you make that list. When a client is simply browsing companies online, real estate agent headshots can make all the difference. 

How Often to Update Your Real Estate Agent Headshots

A good rule of thumb is that you should update your headshot at least once every 2-3 years. However, every time you change your appearance it’s a good idea to get new headshots. This could mean changing your hairstyle, hair color, losing weight, etc. 

The goal is to ensure your headshot is an accurate reflection of who your client will see when you meet in person. It can be jarring for clients to expect a blonde with a short bob to be greeted by a brunette with flowing locks. Keep your photos current, and update them regularly.

Even if you don’t change your appearance drastically, it’s still smart to update your photos every few years. Updating your photos is a great opportunity to refresh your website content and marketing materials, too.

Get Clarity On Your Brand

Your real estate agent headshots should reflect your brand. What is your specialty? If your expertise is luxury homes, you’ll want photos that communicate that level of professionalism. If you primarily sell homes in rural towns, your headshots should look different than someone selling slick condos in the city. Remember that you are the representative of your real estate brand, and you need to make sure your headshot reflects whatever that brand is.

Consider your target market when you plan your photos. This makes it more likely that you’ll resonate with the right audience. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest is a great resource for finding examples and ideas. Since you’ll be taking your own photos, you have a lot of freedom to try out different ideas versus trying to cram it all into one expensive photoshoot. 

If your brand is that you work with an older, more serious clientele, then your look should be very buttoned-up and professional in your headshot. If you’re more fun-loving and family-oriented, you can use bright colors in your photos and marketing materials. Whatever your brand message is, consistency is the key. With a little attention to detail, you can communicate a lot through a headshot. 

Choose your background

Once you have some clarity on your message you can think about photo backgrounds. The background you use will communicate to your audience, so just like your outfit, this is an important component. With Heroic Headshots, you can choose a plain background or create a custom setting that matches your brand. 

Look Your Best

Your headshot should look like you on your best day. That means that while you want to style yourself carefully, you don’t want to go overboard. The last thing you want is to look fake in your real estate agent headshots. If someone meets you after seeing your photos and you look totally different, that could damage trust, driving them away.

Unless you are specifically going for a fun, casual appearance, it’s best to choose a polished and professional look. Consider wearing a blazer, tailored dress, or a suit in your photo. Even if you don’t dress as formally on a daily basis, business professional clothes are ideal for your headshot. Your headshot is all about presenting yourself as a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent.

Some Dos and Don’ts for Real Estate Agent Headshots

Do: say cheese! 

Did you know that a smile can make you seem more trustworthy? Try out a little laugh to bring a real smile to your face. Prospective clients will be able to sense authenticity in the photo, increasing their feeling of trust and comfortability. The goal is to make clients see you as trustworthy and reliable. Someone they would want to do business with.

Just as a great, natural smile can help set you apart, the opposite is true, too. A grimace, fake smile, or frown can turn folks away. Practice that laugh-smile to get that right friendly, warm look you’re aiming for. One of the benefits of shooting your own photos with Heroic Headshots is that you can do as many takes as you need to get it just right!

Don’t: strike a pose

Just like you want your face to convey warmth and openness, you want the same from your body language. Yes, even a headshot can have body language! And the last thing you want is a cheesy, stiff, or overly posed headshot. Crossing your arms can signal that you are unapproachable, and tilting your head too much can look unprofessional. The best pose for real estate agent headshots is a natural stance.

Most people feel a little awkward the first time they have a headshot taken. With Heroic Headshots, you’re taking the photo yourself or with a friend or family member. This can help with those awkward jitters! Many people have a hard time getting a natural photo when working with a professional photographer they barely know in a cold, bare studio. You won’t have to worry about that, so you can get loose and nail the perfect shot. 

Do: your research

Before you take your photos, spend some time looking at other real estate agent headshots. Scroll through Pinterest or do a Google search to look for ideas and save the looks that jump out at you. Take note of outfits, poses, and backgrounds that made the best impression on you, and consider how you can emulate those. If you diligently do your research, you’re far more likely to end up with a headshot you love.

Don’t: complicate things

When it comes to real estate headshots, the simpler, the better. Keep your background simple. A simple gray or black backdrop is always a safe choice. The focus should be your face, so don’t get too busy with accessories or props. Here are some tips on what to wear for your photos, for both men and women

Show Off Your New Real Estate Agent Headshots

Once you’ve updated your headshots and our Heroic Headshots editors make you look incredible, it’s time to share them with the world. Be sure to change your profile pictures on your social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other places you regularly do business. New headshots offer a great opportunity to update your website and send out some updated newsletters. Lastly, create new business cards with your updated photo. 

Get started today

Your headshot is key to your success in an increasingly digital world. As prospective clients search for agents online, you can optimize your first impression with a great headshot. The right headshot can make you seem friendly, engaging, trustworthy, and professional. That means it’s worth the investment to make sure you get your real estate headshot right, the first time. So how can you ensure your headshot puts your best face forward? Get started with Heroic Headshots today! Our easy tutorial and professional retouching will have you on the road to a fantastic new headshot before you know it.