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Professional Headshots for Team and Organizations

How to Make Remote Team Headshots Work for Your Business

By August 9, 2021September 17th, 2021No Comments

“Your marketing tools are your headshots… That’s what people see… That’s what you’re out there pushing trying to get a rep and that isn’t easy.” -Jay Ellis 

Why Remote Team Headshots? 

Headshots present the people behind the company. Therefore, giving the company a sense of humanity rather than a big corporate business. Headshots exhibit pathos.

Think about any professional headshot. Headshots are not just for performers, but rather corporate headshots give a glimpse behind the curtain at the people behind the company. They show who your company is on LinkedIn and provide a first look into who you are and demonstrate your team’s professionalism. They give the “Who? What? and Why?” of your company and how you stand out.  

When all employees share a matching headshot with the same background, style, and pose, this exhibits consistency and relations. For example, if all employees share the same headshot designs as their profile photo on LinkedIn, people will subconsciously relate them with the same company. So how can you achieve that if your team is far-flung? 

Many company headshots are inconsistent, with different styles, backgrounds, and lighting. This gives a “messy” and unorganized connotation, which is not the best way to promote a business. Inconsistent headshots indicate a lack of unity and focus. 

This is where you turn into a superhero, thanks to Heroic Headshots! Or superpowers or not, at least you’ll have an awesome, affordable solution. We’ll support you and your team with planning and world-class editing. Thus, we help you and your team to “fly” your remote team headshots up to higher quality and success!

Be Genuine, Build Trust, Be Heroic

A corporation’s headshots should be clear, focused, and consistent to bring the company together as a team. As a result, inconsistent headshots indicate a lack of unity and organization.

The lighting, angle, and even smile in the headshots can bring a unique style to the company in the eyes of the customer. Thus, you must select a consistent style and design for your remote team headshots. In fact, this is what ensures the familial and team feel. 

When customers are viewing your company website, having headshots in the “about” section builds a more personal connection with the customer. That’s because it showcases your company as personable, with an actual personality, rather than just another big corporation.

Squad Up With Remote Team Headshots

Show off your team. Be proud of your people! Upload your headshots on the company website, hang printouts on the wall of your office, and post on social media. Show your appreciation. Feel honored and connected. 

Not only will headshots promote and boost your company’s positive and friendly image, but they will boost your employees’ confidence. Professional headshots are always an easy way to look your best and show yourself off in a professional light. Headshots make yourself known. Thus, supporting your remote team in creating unified headshots will allow them to more fully embody their unique talents and contribute them to the team as a whole. 

Heroic Headshots is an exceptional way to get a positive reputation, especially if you have employees working from multiple locations. By providing a step-by-step tutorial Heroic Headshot gives an easy way to customize your headshot perfectly for your brand and audience. With professional retouching and a personal background, we guarantee 100% Heroic Happiness. 

Going Remote

If you’re running a business in 2021,  you have certainly used Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype. Maybe your company was forced to pivot and moved to a virtual or hybrid structure. Maybe you’ve found that the best way to recruit top talent is to offer remote opportunities for them to balance their busy lifestyles. Either way, a remote team setup can prove difficult to make time for a professional photoshoot. In this case, remote team headshots will come in handy. 

Why Virtual?

Virtual headshots enable that consistency no matter the location of the picture. The different “headshots” can be edited to match with the same background, lighting, and picture quality, while still showing off the best you. This is when the virtual headshot superhero, Heroic Headshots, comes to the rescue. 

Your headshots can be used for a variety of different resources besides just LinkedIn and the company website such as your email profile picture, for Zoom, Facebook, Skype, Indeed, and so many more platforms. By uploading your headshots on multiple social media platforms you become memorable to different customers and employers. 

Virtual headshots also allow the chance to take as many photos as you want without judgment or concern of what others may think. An actual professional photoshoot could take hours out of your day, which could be better focused elsewhere. With virtual headshots you will be on your own schedule, not having to work around a specific designated time that fits everyone’s availability. 

How to Take Remote Team Headshots at Home

Think of your headshot as the logo for your personal brand for employees, as well as your overall company brand. And keep that in mind as you plan out your instructions for your team. 

The Outfit

Encourage your team to wear neutral-colored clothes to better complement and not distract from their faces. Coordinate clothing colors with your team, and with your background. Examples of simple colors to use include greys and blacks. Therefore, the colors work with all skin types. Keep outfits simple with little jewelry to prevent any distraction. 

Possible outfits include: blazers, shirts, or dresses with sleeves, and keep the top conservative. No need to have a low-cut shirt. Focus on your beautiful face! Of course, your business model will determine many of these details. Are you a financial firm? Blazers it is! A design studio? Sure, why not try some bright colors and patterns?! Just make sure you keep things consistent and on-brand. 

No Studio? No Problem!

Try to find a location with soft natural light. While we recommend you take the picture inside, ensure there is a decent amount of light. And be careful to take the photo near a window, not in front of it, to avoid being backlit. This would keep you out of focus and add unsightly shadows.  

The simpler the background the better. However, either way, Heroic Headshot’s editors have got you covered with editing the background and lighting. However, avoiding a super busy background or one that blends into your hair color or outfit will guarantee a better end result. 


Encourage your team to take their photos at eye level to get a clean, full, and complimentary view of their faces and features. Make sure to keep eye contact with the camera! No matter if the photo is taken from a self-timer, selfie stick, or with the help of a friend. 

Stand up straight and look into the camera, while relaxing your shoulders and leaning forward. Therefore, not seeming so tense. Another way to take a more flattering headshot is by angling your body diagonally, while still facing your head towards the camera. Make sure your entire team has similar poses in order for everyone to be recognized as a team on social media and other postings. 

DO NOT BECOME DISCOURAGED! And do not worry about editing. Take as many attempts as you need – the headshot will come out beautifully. And Heroic Headshots is here to ensure that all the details are taken care of. Say goodbye to any stray hairs or shiny foreheads. Heroic Headshots will come to your rescue!

Become Heroic

Heroic Headshots’ DIY remote team headshots make it fast and easy to achieve the sense of professionalism and teamwork your company seeks. All that is needed from you is a picture that can be taken from a cell phone, which you will upload into your Heroic Headshots portal. 

The editors will take care of the rest in no more than three business days, which is over 90% faster than the average professional photoshoot. Our editors will replace the original background with backgrounds and colors of your choice while adjusting and retouching colors, stray hairs, whitening, red-eye, and so on. Therefore, establishing a polished style. 

Heroic Headshots will help you and your team create headshots as professionally as if from an in-person photo shoot. 

You will even stay up to date with the efficiency of the headshots as your team gets to work on them. In fact, you will receive notifications on the number of headshots submitted by your employees while saving up to 80% of cost compared to professional shoots. 

Hear the call of the heroic superheroes and sign up now… we’ll reward you with a speedy set of headshots almost as quickly as the Flash himself.